I m an italian ceramist who creating tableware, porcelain jewels and design objects.                         I studied art, ceramic, painting and sculpture  at the ''Accademia di belle Arti di Roma''; and later at the workshop of ceramist artist Karin Lindstrom in Italy.

With my work I explore the translucent quality and fragile, delicate effects than can be produced througth the use of porcelain. For my ceramics I take inspiration from the natural elements, especially from the sea where i was born.  

I want to quote 'Nino Caruso' great Italian sculptor and ceramist.He titled one of his books ''Ceramica Viva'' (Ceramic alive);
The ceramic material is alive and becomes a form with a soul through the four elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire, but it needs passion and total dedication; it's as the nature.... ever changing... !

Member in Landesinnung des Keramikerhandwerker in Hessen.